I use the 1842 classic cyanotype formula to print my photographs of Lanzarote, trying to offer a new way to look at its life, things, places, details, with a touch of poetry.


“Family” is a work made in cyanotype with photographs and flower decorations. The portraits of your family (motherline, ancestors, granpas, siblings, etc.) will be printed on canvas with a decoration made with real flowers and plants. Each decoration will be different and the style can be according to your liking. You only need to choose … Continue reading “Family”

limited edition print

Limited edition photograph printed with the classic 1842 Cyanotype formula on Arches Platine, a 100% cotton rag with no alkaline reserve, especially made for alternative photography such as platinum, p.palladium, cyanotype, etc. The first print I offer is a wonderful moment at sunset in Famara, Lanzarote. Young boys gliding with gestures that reminded me La … Continue reading “limited edition print”

sea and cactus collections

Photographic prints 9×9 cm size, with or without frame in different colours made with recicled cardboard.

Algae collection

My Algae collection. Sea plants of Lanzarote, photographed and printed in different formats. On glasses and on bottles, the print is made on tissue paper. The sea plants prints with scientific names are made on 250g drawing paper; they are a tribute to Anna Atkins, the botanist who made, using cyanotype, the first photographic book … Continue reading “Algae collection”

Lanzarote, in different shapes

Landscapes, using a Hake brush to put the emulsion on the paper, which gives those nice outer strokes. Paper size is 24×18 cm, ready for a standard frame if you like. Landscapes in postcard format. Vintage styled lettering and framing. Landscapes in bookmark format  

curious objects

Key rings and different Hanging hooks nice for the kitchen as well. A matt varnish guarantees resistance over time. Portable Beaches. Recicled glass, a coloured lanyard, sand and a shell. Cyanotype on the closing cork. Healing Lanzarote. Empty boxes that used to have medicines inside. I recicled them, turning them inside out, and printed in … Continue reading “curious objects”

flower vases

One of the most beautiful ways for printing in Cyanotype, is making a photogram. Instead of using a negative to make a photograph, you lay objects on the sensitized paper to make the print. What you get with a photogram is a unique piece. Each time I lay my plants and flowers I create a … Continue reading “flower vases”

Large panoramas

I present you my first 40×30 cm panorama from Lanzarote (16×12 inches approx.) printed on Arches Platine, a very special paper made of 100% cotton fibers. The tones are beautiful, from blue to turquoise. The frame made with two layers of cardboard is 7 cm wide, giving an overall size of 54×44 cm. Needless to say … Continue reading “Large panoramas”