I use the 1842 classic cyanotype formula to print my photographs of Lanzarote, trying to offer a new way to look at its life, things, places, details, with a touch of poetry.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to measure the color blue? During your travels or while you wanders taking some fresh air. Designing your new interior and looking for inspiration. Sketching in plein-air a new painting. Connecting your blues to some nice poetry or a piece of music and sharing it with someone else. … Continue reading “Cyanometer”

Digital Negative course

(work in progress) I am happy to offer you a new video course for making Digital Negatives for alternative photography. To see all the details (work in progress).

La Gran Calima – limited edition prints

In February 2020, few days before all the world was locked down for a virus, has been registered in Lanzarote the strongest sand (or dust) storm since decades. The local name for that is “calima”, a special weather condition rather fascinating to me, coming directly from the facing African Sahara. I wanted to depict it … Continue reading “La Gran Calima – limited edition prints”

Macro collection

(para el español clica aquí) Macro Collection, is intended for the interior design of your home. The ocean beauties of my Macro collection are found on the shores of Lanzarote, often battered by the sea and its volcanic rocks. Small pieces, with a dimension from few millimeters up to few centimeters, are collected and taken … Continue reading “Macro collection”

Organic art – limited edition large prints

For a long time I wanted to create something organic and large. I present to you here my limited edition works of art, in a dimension larger than usual for me. To overcome the limit of the negative dimensions I split the photographic print into several negatives, creating diptyches, triptyches, polyptyches. Each print is made … Continue reading “Organic art – limited edition large prints”

Natural Textures

Surfaces of the Mother Earth. Natural textures we can walk by, focusing on their beauty. They belong to us all, to Lanzarote. Recycled 100% pure cotton hand made paper. These photos are proposed in the Golden Ratio (proporción áurea) 25 x 15,5 cm. Mounted on a thick recycled cardboard in a way to enhance the … Continue reading “Natural Textures”

Large panoramas

I present you my panoramas of Lanzarote, in 30×40 cm (12×16 inches approx.) or 15×40 cm. They are all original photographic prints made on Arches Platine, a museum grade paper made of pure cotton fibers, without alkaline reserve for alternative photographic processes. The tones are beautiful, from prussian blue to turquoise. The colours of the … Continue reading “Large panoramas”

limited edition print

Limited edition photograph printed with the classic 1842 Cyanotype formula on Arches Platine, a 100% cotton rag with no alkaline reserve, especially made for alternative photography such as platinum, p.palladium, cyanotype, etc. The first print I offer you is a wonderful moment at sunset in Famara, Lanzarote. Young boys gliding with gestures that reminded me … Continue reading “limited edition print”

Video of my printing process

Condensed in two minutes the video of the work I make in three days: cutting all the paper, coating with the emulsion, exposing, developing, etc. up to the final print ready to be sold in the artisan markets of Lanzarote or posted worldwide. En solo dos minutos el video del trabajo que hago en tres … Continue reading “Video of my printing process”

Ocean Flowers

From the hidden beauties of Lanzarote new pendants are born. There’s the taste of the sea, the perfume of cactus flowers, the energy of surfing on your life with a style. My Ocean Flowers collection. Cyanotype printed on Arches Platine cotton paper, silver and wood.

sea and cactus collections

Photographic prints 9×9 cm size alone, or 14×14 cm within a frame made with recicled cardboard.


  Medicine-Plants. In an apttempt to mantain health we use medicines, from plants or synthetic. On the matter, some miths or fears reign creating different views.  Trying to artistically approach the matter I photographed some medicinal Plants of Lanzarote and printed them in #cyanotype on Medicine information leaflets. The cardboard frame is a scrap from … Continue reading “Medicine-Plants”

different landscapes of Lanzarote

These prints have been coated with the cyanotype emulsion using a Hake brush, which gives those nice outer strokes. Paper size is 24×18 cm, ready for a standard frame if you like. Landscapes in postcard format. Vintage styled lettering and framing. Landscapes in bookmark format

Algae collection

My Algae collection. Sea weeds of Lanzarote, photographed and printed in different formats. Although with a personal different technique and style they are a tribute to Anna Atkins, the botanist and first woman photogrpher who made, using cyanotype, the first photographic book of history: “British Algae”. My series of Lanzarote Algae printed on Arches Platine … Continue reading “Algae collection”


“Family” is a work made in cyanotype with photographs and flower decorations. (para el español clica aquí) The portraits of your family (motherline, ancestors, granpas, siblings, etc.) will be printed on canvas with a decoration made with real flowers and plants. Each decoration will be different and the style can be according to your liking. … Continue reading “Family”

curious objects and art pieces

Wooden Key rings and Hanging hooks, the Portable Beaches in glass, boxes of Healing Lanzarote, bottles of Elixir of Lanzarote, cardborard magnets of architectural details from La Villa de Teguise